Dynamic Relationships

This dramatic change in the very structure of existence will herald profound changes in the way in which we interact with others. If we do not cooperate with the change in the nature of existence itself, it will increase hardship and tension in our relationships.

Almine’s Caribbean Treasure Hunt

Our treasure hunt is at an end
With yesterday’s announcement of the winner of month 3 of the Caribbean treasure hunt, we now come to the very end of 3 months worth of fun and insights. During this time many of you have worked hard to find little insights that dovetail beautifully with consecutively:

Assuming another’s viewpoint:
Each individuation has another viewpoint
A unique perspective of unfolding life
Have you a question you would ask?
Ask then, and wait to perceive
Become the wind or the water
Feel it run through your being
Experience being a raging storm
Or the cool depths of a mountain pool
Have no thought for the question you asked
Just be another and then resume your form
In the stillness of your being the answer now awaits - month 1 (August).

Presenting yourself as less than who you really are, in order to gain the acceptance of others, keeps both you and them on the treadmill of mediocrity month 2 (September).

Do not accept the world’s messages of aging. Do not accept their idea of how old you should act or be. Glow on in agelessness month 3 (October).

The winners of the three months were Ailsa from South Africa for month 1, Grace from the USA for month 2 and Sonja from the Netherlands for month 3.

Read Ailsa’s entry here (winner month 1)
Read Grace’s entry here (winner month 2)
Read Sonja’s entry here (winner month 3) 

And the winner is…
The winners of the months were randomly picked, as goes the same for the overall winner of today’s final round of who wins the Caribbean cruise with Almine. The lucky winner is:

Ailsa from South Africa!

Congratulations Ailsa! You win the cruise with Almine, or if you can’t make it a 5-day retreat of your choosing or two 3-day retreats. As for the runners up, Grace and Sonja, you both win Almine’s November course, Mastering the Tool of the Gods – Divinity Quest, together with the physical deck of Divinity Quest cards.

Thank you
Thus ends the 3 month journey of sharing your insights. A big thank you to all who entered. Your entries, work and enthusiasm far exceeded what we thought it would be. For those interested, you can still find all of the entries in the sub-forum on Ascension.net.

Cruise: Still some places left!
There are still some places left if you want to join Almine in early 2014 for her Caribbean cruise during which the ‘Star Races Symposium‘ will be held: 18 hours of lectures and transmission by Almine between ports of call.

Contact our facilitators, Sandra and Tim, for questions and more information:

Find out more about this treasure hunt!
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“Once I got started I had pages of research, with many background notes for my own use. I found this exercise so valuable! And reading others entries have so enlarged my understanding. What a super idea this ‘contest’ is!” ~ Barbara Kathryn

Entry and Guidelines

Entering into the treasure hunt is easy!

1: Join Almine’s social network Ascension.net.
2: Go to the sub-forum for the treasure hunt.
3: Wait till the assignment is announced on August 1st (and again on September 1st and October 1st).
4: Follow the guidelines and enter your bid by starting your own thread on the sub-forum!

Every month a new “assignment” will be given and you can re-enter the hunt if you didn’t win the month before. Every month, your job is to search and find three pieces of Almine information -from books, online courses, audios, blogposts, anything you can find really- that you think go great with and add to the initial information of the assignment. Let us know (1) why you chose this piece, also (2) what you think of Almine’s source material and don’t forget to (3) link to the source as well, so other people can continue reading what inspired you. One of your three answers can (optional) be your own creative expression; art pieces, dances captured on film, dream poetry, recorded audios, photographs, poems. Surprise us! The other two pieces have to hail from Almine’s huge body of work. It’s going to be a 3 month circus of insights and sharing based on Almine’s teachings. We can’t wait to see what you will come up with!

Picking a Winner
At the end of the month we randomly pick one winner to go to the ‘finals’. The next month we start it all over again with a new assignment for a total of three pickings over three months. From the three winners at the end of the treasure hunt one will -again randomly- be picked as the grand prize winner of the cruise. Second and third place winners (who won one of the month’s assignments and went to the ‘finals’) will also get great prizes. Also, don’t be surprised if left and right we will give away little prizes as well! If you didn’t win the first month, your name stays in the big bowl of contestants. Meaning that if you enter the second month, you will have your name in the bowl twice. If you don’t get picked in the second month either and enter for a third time, your name will be in the bowl three times at the last picking. You’ll increase your chances by entering every month!

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Once I got started I had pages of research, with many background notes for my own use. I found this exercise so valuable! And reading others entries have so enlarged my understanding. What a super idea this ‘contest’ is!” ~ Barbara Kathryn

Assignment Example

So what does this all look like? Well, here is an example.

Find and share your own ‘Almine treasures’ for:

The Earth is my cradle and the sky is my blanket, wherever I go, I am home

Answer 1: …If growth is too rapid, their ambitions can be very ungrounded and lack the proper foundation. People lose their sovereignty when they have wings but no roots in that they feel the need for a place of grounding. They yearn for a home, and tend not to nurture themselves; this makes them susceptible to manipulation in relationships. In some instances, they become over-sexed in an attempt to bring their lower chakras into balance. They sometimes tend to be inattentive during relationships.
Reason: The assignment speaks of feeling at home on Earth, yet so many times in my spiritual path I have felt out of place on Earth and just wanted to get out of here. I see now that this has, among other things, to do with my growth being too rapid, not grounded in experiences and other unbalanced tendencies that are spoken of on day 18 of the Pathways to Ascension free online course. I love this course because it gives such a good understanding of the whole spiritual landscape, between dealing with allies to overcoming the mind, while using your mind. Great stuff!
Source: Feeling at Home on Earth

Answer 2: …“I’m wisdom’s library”, proudly whispers the Earth. “But I”, whispers the sky, “to unimagined newness give birth.”
Reason: The Earth and Sky connection in this Poetry of Dreaming piece is clear, but also, the assignment aphorism gives me the image of drowsy confidence of the half sleep. It is in this stage that I hear clearest the whispers of the Earth… as this piece of Poetry of Dreaming suggests. I often grab the little book of the Poetry of Dreaming, just because the rich imagery it evokes inspires me to look for the beauty in every day life.
Source: Labyrinth of the Moon book, page 122

Answer 3: As a third and creative piece you could add a picture of sleeping beneath the stars. This one below is a generic example of one you could make, showing yourself sleeping outdoors.

Sleeping under the stars...

Remember that your three answers consist of three parts:
1: Your answer to the assignment and why you chose it.
2: A link to the source. Where did you find your ‘Almine treasure’?
3: A little line to let us know what you thought of Almine source material. Be it a book, video or Facebook entry.

See Entry and Guidelines
Check out the Prizes
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Once I got started I had pages of research, with many background notes for my own use. I found this exercise so valuable! And reading others entries have so enlarged my understanding. What a super idea this ‘contest’ is!” ~ Barbara Kathryn


The first prize is a Caribbean Cruise with Almine from January 26th to February 2nd 2014 on the Royal Caribbean ship Freedom of the Seas. Sailing from Port Canaveral Florida, it will stop on many beautiful locations in the Eastern Caribbean. During the time at sea, Almine will give an equivalent of 18 hours of lectures. These lectures have as a theme The Star Transmissions Symposium, where the people in the class can ask any question they wish from multiple star races, among them the Arcturians and Pleiadeans and others. Take a look on the Caribbean Cruise page and scroll down for more details on the cruise ship, itinerary, ports of call, and much more.

Please Note
The flight to and from the cruise is not included in winning the prize. Lodging (cruise cabin) and Almine’s lectures during the cruise are included in winning the prize. If you are unable to attend the cruise you can trade your first prize for a 5-day retreat or two 3-day retreats. To be absolutely clear, the prize includes retreat and cruise. The cruise retreat page only deals with the retreat itself, not the cruise.

See Entry and Guidelines
See Assignment Examples
Visit Ascension.net

Once I got started I had pages of research, with many background notes for my own use. I found this exercise so valuable! And reading others entries have so enlarged my understanding. What a super idea this ‘contest’ is!” ~ Barbara Kathryn

Entering Godhood

“…what a BOMB! I always wonder how you can top the last course. Well, once again I am wiped, a rush of sorts!” ~ Soleil

Part 1: Creating Heaven on Earth

July 1-26, 2013

Extraordinary events are occurring on Earth after the cosmic closure of linear time at the end of 2012. A new reality is forming in the midst of the human matrices and paradigms, that will enable the major light workers to exist beyond the limitations of man. Godhood has become achievable to the few and the eventual destiny of the many. This online course probes the deeper insights and information of how Heaven on Earth can become our constant reality, through clear explanations by Almine.

File format: MP3
Registration: $100.00

Part 2: Metamorphoses into Godhood

August 5-30, 2013

Among the archangels of the cosmos, an unprecedented event has occurred: 441 angel gods have appeared, bringing with them the 300 principles of godhood and the deep powerful, incorruptible magic of the gods. This course presents 150 (of 300) of the principles of godhood, that in living them, we can become them.

The reality that awaits us, is one in which opposites are lived as one, removing the need for growth through opposition. As we assume our divinity, life changes with grace and guidance becomes effortless as we become one with Infinite Intent. This month-long online course presents the comprehensive explanations by Almine of life beyond the matrix.

File format: MP3
Registration: $100.00

Messages from the Angels III

This final installment of the messages given by the 300 Lemurian Angels contains riveting and life-altering material on how to live as a higher evolved God-Being within human form. Details are given on how the God- hormone can be produced, setting us free from the entrapment of human hormonal production in the body. Learn how to live the miraculous life and how power evolves when one exists within the God-kingdom. The practical advice given during this course is specifically designed to assist the major lights on Earth to usher in a new reality, rather than be captured by the mediocre paradigms of man.

Summer Solstice Ceremony of Sound

Online Event
This year’s Summer Solstice Ceremony online event with Almine consists of Angel Elixirs and Star Transmissions of Light.

Over a period of two days we will stream to the web the sound healing elixirs of the 300 Atlantean Angels and a yet unspecified number of Star Transmissions of Light. The Atlantean Angels represent the masculine and the star races represent the feminine.

Angel Elixirs Sung by Almine
Almine Sings the Angelic Elixirs

About the Atlantean Angelic Elixirs
The release of the 600 sound elixirs of angelic origin, heralds a time of greater peace on Earth by integrating the masculine and the feminine archetypal principles of existence. The 300 Atlantean Angels have represented white light and the masculine principles, as have the 300 Lemurian Angels represented the feminine and magnetic aspects of existence. This summer solstice the grand online event of releasing the 600 Atlantean and Lemurian Angels’ sound healing elixirs is taking place. It is preceded by a 4 day retreat of total silence in Killarney, Ontario, Canada.

Star Transmission of Light
An example of the art work created by Almine for Your Star Transmission of Light

About the Star Transmissions of Light
Prophesied in early 2012, Almine spoke of some very important keys arriving from star races. These keys have come in a unique form. They are messages of invaluable information embedded in visual art, along with a transmission in their native language.

Two Arcturian races are the first to come through, and they tell us how words ‘hide truth’ and so the visuals they are producing provide the non-cognitive information in-between the words, effectively ‘filling in the gap’. Unlike man, most star races, such as the Arcturians, are in a constant empathic and telepathic connection with each other; their inner space is as public as their outer life. As the images speak to the inner realities of man and their words speak to the outer realities – we combine our inner and outer space.

Please Note
Originally the Summer Solstice Ceremony 2013 was to be comprised of the 300 Atlantean Angel Elixirs and the 300 Lemurian Angel Elixirs. However, Almine found it’s not yet time for the Lemurian Angels to come through, and so instead we will focus on the Star Transmissions.

Learn more about these Star Transmissions in this youtube video with Almine:


What is an Atlantean Angel Elixir and what will it do for me?
The function of the Atlantean Angel Elixirs is to unlock the vast potential of our DNA, enabling superior non-cognitive awareness.

What is a Star Transmission of Light and what will it do for me?
Almine’s Star Transmissions of Light act as a vehicle of communication for various star races – starting with the Arcturians. Each transmission consists of a sound recording in the native star language (with an English translation) and a visual art piece encoded with non-cognitive keys. Specific persons are drawn to receive a transmission, for each transmission tells the history of humanity’s interaction with star beings over the aeons, on both the individual and cosmic level.

Who can participate in this Solstice Ceremony?
Everyone who purchases an Angel Elixir and / or a Star Transmission is automatically eligible to access the ceremony for free. We will register you sometime in May 2013. If the email address with which you purchased your elixir is different from the email address associated with your account on the Spiritual Mastery web site, please let us know at tech@almine.net. Those who have not purchased an Angel Elixir or Star Transmission, but wish to join the ceremony, can do so for $50 (registration will be up on this page soon).

Will there be a Silence Retreat preceding the Summer Solstice Ceremony?
Yes, as was the case in 2012, this year’s Solstice Ceremony will be preceded by a Silence Retreat in Killarney, Ontario. Those who join in this retreat may remain in Killarney to experience the Solstice Ceremony with their fellow participants.

What else do I need to know?
On the event page you can sign up for the Solstice Ceremony updates. You should also check the Star Transmissions thread on the ascension network. Once the first wave of Star Transmissions is released in early April, recipients will be encouraged to share their art on the network.

Get Almine’s newsletter for ceremony updates:

Entering the Haaraknit – Free Global Ceremony for March 2013

Thank you!
A big thank you to all those who participated in this month’s global ceremony with Almine. It is you and your enthusiasm in performing these ceremonies that makes it possible to repeat them on a (bi-)monthly basis.

If you missed the ceremony, but would still like to receive all the materials and do the meditation at your own convenience, contact Niels: niels@almine.net

Read all the comments and experiences with this ceremony on this dedicated Haaraknit thread on Ascension.net.

Wheel of the Haaraknit

This month our global ceremony for all of our light family is called “Entering the Haaraknit

The Haaraknit is the place of “no-mind, no-space and no-time”, and is the decompression chamber from the matrix of duality to A Life of No Opposites. This ceremony dovetails beautifully with Almine’s current online course “Down the Rabbit Hole 4“, which also goes into the hidden secrets of this mystical place in the human body. As Almine has stated: “…the change for Life everywhere when more and more people enter this place of unfoldment, is profound.” We hope you will all join in with us.

Down the Rabbit Hole 4

This spring you go ever-further down the rabbit hole with Almine, Niels and Rogier…

Themes include Sacred Sexuality, the Haaraknit, the Pranic Tube, the Life Force Center, the Magic Staff, the new Runes and the completion of the cosmic drama in the Formula of Boundlessness.

Messages from the Angels II

In this very special course, Almine will receive the messages from angels that provide the missing insights as we transition into a life of higher consciousness. As the Atlantean angels represent the height and depth of light – raising consciousness through perception – the Lemurian angels represent the height of frequency: that which restores the magic of life.

These angels, however, are completely new and have never been evoked before. Previously used by the ancient alchemists, the Sigil of Ameth bound these angels into a state of lower consciousness. With the help of the Sigil of Blahut, these angels have been replaced with those of higher consciousness. In the 2012 summer solstice Earth Chants Ceremony, these angels were finally released and now they are ready to share their message.

Preserved in the ancient Lemurian records, the names of the 300 Angelic Orders of Lemuria were said to be given at the end of time – as we know it. Their purpose? To usher in a new form of time: The Eternal Moment.

Found in this second installment of this invaluable course are the insights given to us by the angelic orders of Lemuria – laying the foundations of a new pattern of life – an exponential form of time with eternal life for the body.

Listen to to this short sample(above) of the messages given by the angels from the first part of this life-evolving course.