Relationships as Temples of Initation

The degree of grace with which our life unfolds, effortlessly and unencumbered, is directionally proportionate to the degree of our cooperation with an ever-changing cosmos. In interpreting the Infinite’s intent into experience, we must be in heightened awareness to access the subtle currents of change that flow through the river of life. The relationships of our life, and their structural origins, lead back to the most elemental building blocks of existence: subatomic particles.

Entering Godhood

Extraordinary events are occurring on Earth after the cosmic closure of linear time at the end of 2012. A new reality is forming in the midst of the human matrices and paradigms, that will enable the major light workers to exist beyond the limitations of man. Godhood has become achievable to the few and the eventual destiny of the many.

Gateway to the Magical Life

The Arasatma Breathing Technique was used by ancient mystics to activate the unused portion of the pranic tube for fuller self-expression and inner peace. The restoration of the subtle, etheric functions of the body and senses, allows the practitioner to access other dimensions and prolongs an eternal life of graceful unfolding.

Interdimensional Communication

During this course, Almine gives insights into the hidden realms of the fairies, elves and many more creatures. What is their relationship with humans and how do you cultivate that relationship so that true open communication can take place?

Mastering the Tool of the Gods

The 65 Eskaragot sigils comprise the alphabet of the Angel Gods. This most sacred tool of divination and healing helps to activate the divine capacities within the DNA of the practitioner. During this online course Almine will reveal more advanced levels of mastery through additional uses and techniques of the card deck.

Messages from the Angels

During this Holiday season as our souls turn to the Angelic Messengers so revered by man, Almine shares the exquisite messages from these beloved beings. Translating the insights and messages from their holy language, she shares her in-depth views regarding their application and pertinence in our daily lives. Join us for this heart-opening event, during the season of divine compassion and peace.

Mystical Secrets of the Toltec Way

This in-depth online course reveals the deeper mysteries of the world of Toltec teachings and its secret metaphysical knowledge. Moreover, the profound and mysterious origins of the Seer Almine are disclosed for the first time in this life-altering experience.

Sound Elixirs of the Calendar of Oneness

This month Almine will add an additional, optional dimension to the Calendar of Oneness by providing a daily sound elixir that embodies the quality of the day. These are 31 unique elixirs sung by Almine, utilizing three Persian / Nomadic soundscapes, in accordance with the September disclosure of the hidden Persian libraries.

Walking with the Seer

This has dramatically altered consciousness on Earth and is continuously changing the way 2012 will unfold. These beneficial changes have rendered previously planned classes and formats of online instruction obsolete overnight. Instead, we are able to present a much anticipated event: Walking in Oneness – A Daily Journey with the Seer Almine.

Transmissions from the Infinite

In a miraculous life in which Almine spends many hours a day in multidimensional realities, much goes untold. During this class, participants are able to walk this daily journey with her, as the miracles, insights and interdimensional interactions are shared.