Becoming a Master of Manifestation

Master of Manifestation

Becoming a Master of Manifestation

Saturday April 23, 2016 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST / 18:00 GMT

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$199.99 $179.99 through April 23

Almine’s first online event in 1.5 years!

In response to the multiple requests to be able to have a lecture in Almine’s voice we have put together the recorded training sessions of her preparing her support team for their events. She has given permission for this to be made available to her Lightfamily because of the groundbreaking nature of this material that has up till now only been touched on in the Moscow event. These recordings were done during multiple days so as not to stress her voice. She is hoping much later in the year to be able to create an online event specifically for you.

• Manifesting Peace on Earth (Guided Meditation)
• Interfacing the Timemap, Bird Clock & Fairy Clock (Discourse)
• Manifesting a Harmonious Environment (Guided Meditation)
• The Ceremony of Abundance: Manifesting a Resurrected Reality
• The Role of Density in Delaying Outcome in Manifestation (Discourse)

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