Entering Godhood

"I no longer desire to play at the level of the games of mirrors. I feel the pull and voice my commitment to the highest calling of awaking to and entering godhood. I am thankful to be doing this course together and sharing this wonderful journey." ~ Frank

"...what a BOMB! I always wonder how you can top the last course. Well, once again I am wiped, a rush of sorts!" ~ Soleil

Please note: Almine may not be able to cover all 300 principles of godhood in part 2 and 3 of this course. Some principles require more depth of explanation than others. Potentially a 4th part will be released in October to incorporate the remaining principles.

Part 1 - Creating Heaven on Earth

Original air date: July 1-26, 2013

Includes: the Magic of the Gods 'Magical Activation for Abundance'

Extraordinary events are occurring on Earth after the cosmic closure of linear time at the end of 2012. A new reality is forming in the midst of the human matrices and paradigms, that will enable the major light workers to exist beyond the limitations of man. Godhood has become achievable to the few and the eventual destiny of the many. This online course probes the deeper insights and information of how Heaven on Earth can become our constant reality, through clear explanations by Almine.

File format: MP3

Registration: $100.00

Part 2 - Metamorphoses into Godhood

Original air date: August 5-30, 2013

Includes: 'Battle Cry of the Angel Gods' angelic transmission and 'Calling the 999 Angel Gods of the Cosmoses'

Among the archangels of the cosmos, an unprecedented event has occurred: 441 angel gods have appeared, bringing with them the 300 principles of godhood and the deep powerful, incorruptible magic of the gods. This course presents 150 (of 300) of the principles of godhood, that in living them, we can become them.

The reality that awaits us, is one in which opposites are lived as one, removing the need for growth through opposition. As we assume our divinity, life changes with grace and guidance becomes effortless as we become one with Infinite Intent. This month-long online course presents the comprehensive explanations by Almine of life beyond the matrix.

File format: MP3

Registration: $100.00

Part 3 - Becoming a Pillar of the Temple

Original air date: September 2-27, 2013

Includes:The Magic of Pristine Humanity

As the second set of 150 of the 300 principles of godhood are explained by Almine, those who embody and live them become pillars of the temple of the new reality that is taking shape on Earth.

Supported by the angel gods, their lives become the powerful pivot points upon which all reality pivots. Those who choose to embrace this higher level of evolved existence, become the sacred government through self-government to usher in a new dispensation of peace on Earth. War and strife are born of duality. The reality of godhood transcends duality and is the greatest service the one can provide the many.

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