Walking with the Seer

Although previous Q&A courses had been planned for the first half of 2012, a dramatic shift in consciousness occurred with the advent of two important events:

1) The non-cyclical calendar that expresses Infinite Intent to end cyclical and linear time see: www.CalendarofOneness.com

2) The release of the 72 hours of Earth Chants that tell the story of the liberation of the Cosmic Child from the spiderwebs of matrices – see the Spiritual Journeys store

This has dramatically altered consciousness on Earth and is continuously changing the way 2012 will unfold. These beneficial changes have rendered previously planned classes and formats of online instruction obsolete overnight. Instead, we are able to present a much anticipated event: Walking in Oneness – A Daily Journey with the Seer Almine. Almine will share the extraordinary existence beyond duality she entered (September 24th, 2011) on a daily basis, as it happens, six days a week. On the 7th day Niels will lead a Communion in Silence global meditation to culminate the six transmissions of that week.

The information given, though spontaneously produced from her experience, will closely follow the Calendar of Oneness, shedding light on its meaning and application as a magical tool. This journey of lightworkers sharing daily experiences with one who has left the matrix, will powerfully impact and shape the destiny of man, ending cataclysms and ushering in changes of grace.

Walking with the Seer Part 1 (February 5th – March 3rd) Click to Purchase
Walking with the Seer Part 2 (March 4th – March 31st) Click to Purchase
Walking with the Seer Part 3 (April 1st – April 28th) Click to Purchase

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